Friday, April 03, 2009

Relating to your Mailing List vs your Facebook Network of Friends -

I guess I've been living under a rock lately as I missed the sad news of Andy Bourland's passing. Andy was just a great person who also happened to be one of the founders of ClickZ, along with Ann Handley. So, today when I had a little time after Web2.0 Expo and before Startup Weekend, I decided to go down memory lane a little as my personal service to remember Andy.

After reading the last posts to his blog, by his older brother and his wife, Jeanne, I tiptoes through many of his past posts that reminded me of his wonderful, humanistic approach to the InterWeb.

True to form are his observations in Relating to your Mailing List vs your Facebook Network of Friends - Do yourself a favor and take the approximately 5.5 minutes to watch Andy speak with joy and wonder about what Facebook meant to him.

I started thinking about how the vast majority of us haven't begun to leverage the great tools of Facebook to have a more real, meaningful, and substantive relationship with our network of colleagues, clients, customers, and professional friends in our many networks. So many of us kind of get caught up in amassing followers, connections and then, neglecting to build on that in a real way. Others seem to use Facebook and other social media outlets as a public address system to make one breathless announcement after another. The first is directionless, the second is uni-directional. Both are completely counter-intuitive to how the Web2.0 experience was envisioned. Why are we using all these new tools in all the old ways?

One resolution I have made is to use it to connect more directly with those who are my customers. I just hope they want to connect with me! I will keep you posted on how I plan to go about accomplishing this.

I would really love to learn your thoughts about this.


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